7 Top Tips for Briefing Your Wedding Stationer


We all know that planning a wedding can be a stressful time but when it comes to briefing your stationer there are a few key ways you can plan ahead to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Prepare to take note as we share our 7 top tips for briefing your wedding stationer!

Prepare Your Guest-list

Ah, the all important guest-list! As well as collating all of the names of your nearest and dearest who will be joining you on your big day now is the perfect time to note down (or if you don’t know, find out) their addresses. This is usually the part of the process that slows things down so why not get ahead and get organised?

Remember, couples and families will only need one invitation between them so bare this in mind when quoting the numbers to your wedding stationer.

Pull Together Inspiration

It’s always helpful to provide your wedding stationer with inspiration for your special day so they can get a sense of the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. Compiling a Pinterest board can often be the easiest way to get across your vision and don’t just stick to stationery - cover flowers, the dress and everything in-between!

Have a Realistic Timeline in Mind

Remember that your wedding isn’t the only one your stationer will be working on so keeping a realistic timeline in mind is key. You might find our post on the best time to order and send your wedding stationery useful so that you can plan out your time effectively in the lead up to the big day!

Consider Wording

Have you thought about how you want your invitations to be worded? Here at Rose Press, we arm all of our clients with a handy wording guide but it’s useful to have a think about this ahead of time. Do you want to keep things formal in terms of sticking with traditional etiquette or are you happy to go with something a little more casual and modern?

Collate Information Ahead of Time

There’s a lot of information that goes into creating a wedding invitation, much of which you may not have even considered yet. There are factors such as providing guests with maps, local hotels and taxi details to name just a few. Collating this information ahead of time will mean fewer delays and less to-ing and fro-ing with your wedding stationer.

Think Wider than Just Invitations

Wedding invitations are undoubtedly one of the most important components of your big day but that doesn’t mean the other elements in your stationery suite should be overlooked! Alongside the invitations, you should be thinking about whether you want to include RSVP’s and whether there are any finishing touches you’ve been dreaming of having such as wax seals or ribbon. Being clear on these factors from the start of the process means that your initial quote will be more accurate and won’t include any last minute unaccounted for additions!

Be Sure to Proofread

Perhaps the most important step in the entire process, make sure to proofread! No one wants a spelling mistake on their wedding stationery and reprinting takes considerable time and money so be sure to check, check and check again before sending your final guest lists and information to your stationer. Ask a friend or relative to cast an eye over it too for added peace of mind!

Are you currently in the process of ordering your wedding stationery? Have you picked up any tips along the way?