How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Stationer For You


Are you just starting to think about choosing your wedding stationery? With so many amazing stationers out there how do you possibly even begin the task of narrowing down your options? Well, to (hopefully) help make the process a little easier we’re sharing 5 top tips to help you choose the perfect wedding stationer for you!

Get Clear on Your Vision

First things first is to get a sense of the sort of wedding stationery you will be looking to have for your special day, and good news, this stage involves scrolling through Pinterest and flicking through wedding magazines! Once you’ve decided on the sort of style you’re looking for you can start the process of narrowing down the stationers that fall into this category. Being prepared with lots of inspiration to show your stationer really helps to get across your ideas in a visual way!

Do Your Research

Yes, more research but this step is key to discovering what, or rather, who is out there. Don’t limit your stationer search to just your local area, most of the process can be done via email or over the phone so if there’s someone’s work you’ve fallen in love with don’t let distance be a limiting factor! Searching based on word of mouth recommendations can be a great place to start.

Make Sure Your Styles Align

Some wedding stationers may have very distinct styles that they don’t like to stray away from, whether that be rustic, minimal, elegant or modern so making sure that you’re on the same page is key to ensuring a positive working relationship. Certain wedding stationers may also specialise in certain techniques so if you’re looking for something specific make sure you do your homework!

Ensure You’re Within Budget

Wedding stationery can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes AND budgets so making enquiries is absolutely key when it comes to determining whether you can afford a stationers work. If you’re on a tight budget, you might find semi-custom designs more appropriate whereas if you’ve got your heart set on a bespoke invitation suite, it’s obviously going to cost you more. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully!

Check Availability

A key step before getting too carried away and falling head over heels for any stationer is ensuring that they have the availability to take on your wedding. Many stationers can get booked up way in advance for bespoke work so it’s crucial to get in touch as far in advance as possible if you have your heart set on them creating the stationery for your special day.

What are some of the most important factors on your wish-list when it comes to choosing your wedding stationer?

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